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PCSafeDoctor is a comprehensive protection tool that will detect and destroy an extensive list of threats that may attempt to access your most sensitive data and harm your PC. This free version of the program will accurately detect and will effectively wipe away any possible Trojan, rootkit, worm, hijacker or dialer (among many others) and every single adware, spyware, or malware application that finds its way into your system. Unlike the registered version, this free PCSafeDoctor will not detect nor block any new threat trying to sneak through the back door of your PC, though you can launch its scanning functionality and make use of its cleaning tools as many times as needed.

It is certainly refreshing to try out an anti-virus tool that actually gets rid of your viruses and other threats, as opposed to the vast majority of trial programs, which merely let you run its scanning functionality and inform you about the terrible state your drives are in. Unless you register and pay a fee, PCSafeDoctor will not watch out for new viruses and spyware programs wanting to come and visit you - it is your responsibility to use the program to scan your drives regularly and clean up any suspicious file that may possibly harm your system's stability.

Maybe it is just my PC, maybe it is because it does check every cluster of every file, or maybe it is just that I am too impatient, but I found PCSafeDoctor a bit too much slow on the performance side. Both when scanning your files and when checking the unknown ones for suspicious content, the program's performance speed leaves ample room for improvement. Even the "quick scan" option took much longer than I had hoped for.

To compensate you for this, PCSafeDoctor gives you some extra functionality that will help you keep your system fit and healthy. Thus, it offers you a powerful cleaning tool for your system and user temporary files, your browser cache, and those deleted files still sitting in your recycle bin. This time, it will take the program only a few seconds to get rid of all those unnecessary files. Besides, it can wipe away in a breeze all traces of your most recent activities, including cookies, passwords, and recently opened documents. Finally, you can also use this tool to check your Windows startup regularly and remove all those unwanted self-launching applications that make your system drag.

All in all, this is a very interesting anti-virus application with a nice and well-structured interface, and a useful set of extra tools. Certainly worth trying, even though it may take you a while to see the results.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Clear and well-structured interface
  • Includes PC optimization tools
  • Effectively checks and cleans up any threats found


  • Fairly slow performance
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